-“Bernstrup's Killing Spree is The synth album of the year... a Klaus Nomi of the 21st century”
- Dazed and confused

· Wierd Compilation...
· More free downloads...
· Free-Animate me...
· Making it BIG in Barcelona...


Bernstrup on the Wierd Compilation... : Update by Donut at Aug 18th - 2006 - 11:37 PM
Bernstrup will appear on the Wierd compilation...

That's 2 Bernstrup tracks on the impressive 3 LP +7" vinyl compilation.
A New York compilation featuring new artists and bands from the US and European
synth and minimal wave scene.
Check it out at

More free downloads... : Update by Donut at Aug 16th - 2006 - 10:21 PM
Tonight Records celebrates the movement file shares world wide...

Now with two earlier Bernstrup albums downloadble for free.
'Images Of Love' (1998) and 'Re-Animate Me (2002).

Free-Animate Me... : Update by Donut at Dec 4th - 2006 - 01:37 AM
Bernstrup fanclub offers a free download of Re-Animate Me...

Yes, that's correct, during january 2006 we will have a free download of of Bernstrup's
Re-Animate Me. -Why?, Well the album is officially sold out and Tonight Records
decided to have it available free as mp3s for a limited time. So if you don't allready own
this masterpiece, don't miss this chance to get the tracks. Download it here!

Making it BIG in Barcelona... : Update by Donut at Nov 20th - 2005 - 01:14 AM
Bernstrup fills up the Legendary club La Paloma in Barcelona...

In addition to a video art exhibtion called Loop in Barcelona Bernstrup did a 2nd CD release party at the club La Paloma, an old dancehall from 1903... Some 1000 people where raving to
his new tracks. Hope to get some photo material on this soon.

Killing Spree reviewed... : Update by Donut at Nov 1st - 2005 - 10:39 PM
Ok fans, here's our first review of the album...

Ok, we know the review is coming very late. And that our updates have not been done as often as they should . Anyway, the album has been spinning on auto-repeat in my car at work for a week. and when not driving in my iPod all the time...Surround...I can't stop it, I'm under control.... read the review here

New Album Killing Spree is out... : Update by Donut at Oct 28th - 2005 - 10:39 PM
After a loong time of waiting Bernstrup finally releases his new album...

With a spectacular performance and visit in Nuremberg, Germany Bernstrup releases
his highly anticipated new album Killing Spree. This time Tobias CD is produced in
collaboration with Kunsthalle Nurnberg who also arranged the performance in addition to
the exhibtion "Trouble with Fantasy"... good title after looking at the album cover art work
where the artist poses as a computer game character a la Doom with a huge laser gun against a spaceship like theatrical set. See more details at www.bernstrup.com

Remix for Bodies Without Organs...
: Update by Donut at Octv 20th - 2005 - 01:09 AM

Just listened to Bernstrup remix for Swedish pop band BWO...
Bernstrup's remix track on the new BWO single "Sunshine In The Rain" titled Italo mix,
is a classic 80s style version a la Fancy, makes an interessting and nice twist to the otherwise for my taste too mainstream radio pop versions of the song.
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