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Smoke and darkness in Paris... : Update by Donut at June 22 - 2004 - 01:24 AM
We've just got some news from Paris fans after Bernstrup show at Nouveau Casino...

In addition to an art exhibtion at Palais de Tokyo in Paris, Bernstrup did an amazing performance at club Nouveau Casino. Draped in smoke waving with his huge Railgun (some one told me it was an excact replica made from the popular online game Quake3 Arena) Rumours also told us that American Vouge produced his out new outfit for a photo shoot, then censored the picture, while considering Bernstrup aproach too extreme for the American readers.... who could not have guessed that in these days... Anyway check out the new Paris pics in our photo gallery section.

Performance at Moderna Museet... : Update by Donut at Feb 23 - 2004 - 01:49 AM
We've just got it confirmed, Bernstrup is doing a new show in Stockholm 2004...

After an art exhibtion at Andrehn-Schiptjenko gallery in Stockholm Feb 26-March 27 2004, Bernstrup will come back to the capital of Sweden for a grand performance at the Modern
Museum on March 26th... For all of you who unluckily missed the Fargfabriken show in
2002 -Don't miss this one... See 'Moderna by Night' program at:

Our new Photo gallery... : Update by Donut at Feb 20 - 2004 - 01:15 AM
We received some new pics italy. Check our new Photo gallery and new performance pics

New smokin' hot performance shots from Basel and Rome plus exclusive backstage
photage in the photo gallery.


Italo for real... : Update by Donut at Dec 14 - 2003 - 07:23 PM
The thing we've all been waiting for, Bernstrup sings in Italian... Ventisette bel ragazzo...

With an exhibtion and a performance in Rome at Galeria Sogospatty Bernstrup
released an Italian 12" version of "27", titled "Ventisette" I guess we don't need
to translate that one... Check out this hot Ventisette mp3.


New York release... : Update by Donut at Oct 14 - 2003 - 02:02 PM
Rumours say that a big New York event is on its way. Stay in tune for upcoming info.

New Wave DJ's in NY just love the CD and the new 12", but they say people want the
real thing to happen soon. So expectations for the performance in NY are big...


27 Vinyl Remix Hits Berlin Dance Floors... : Update by Lady O at Oct 1 - 2002 - 08:05 PM
Bernstrup 12" vinyl of 27-remixes released on Tonight Records is a must for DJ's and vinyl freaks
check the realaudio prelisten tracks here

3 fantastic remixes; Laser mix, original power mix and a remix by the
lovely AbnormalVAG boys.


The CD is out now... : Update by Donut at Sept 29 - 2002 - 12:30 AM
We have been waiting like crazy, and finally Bernstrup released his new CD 'Re-Animate Me'
with a spectacular performance at Fargfabriken in Stockholm and Palais de Tokyo in Paris.
If don't have got your copy of this excelent album order it here.

Dressed in a black rubber corsett from London designer couple Murray&Vern,
black long rubber gloves and long red red hair he looked just gorgeous. Check out
these pics from the show.


Tonight Live In L.A. : Update by Lady O at Oct 9 - 2000 - 11:40 PM
The video Tobias Bernstrup Tonight Live will be on display for six months at the
Standard Hotel in L.A.

The Standard Projection curated by Yvonne Force Villareal is an artist
video program that runs half a year at the Standard Hotel in L.A.
Further we heard that the video also is shown now in Geneva at
Galerie Analix Forever at a show called "And She Will Have Your Eyes..."
during the dates Sept. 30 - Oct. 30.


Then We Take Berlin... : Update by Hardcastle at Oct 8 - 2000 - 11:30 PM
Yes it's true Bernstrup now lives in Berlin. Looking forward to see him perform
in a decadent Berlin club soon.

Just got the message that he is working in Berlin on some new music in
good old Carpenter, Plastic Bertrand style. Seems like he's back in the
old 1979 sytnh rock sound. We will soon get our hands on the first MP3-


Nylon goes MIDI... : Update by Hardcastle at May 18 - 2000 - 04:38 AM
Wow! what a groovy MIDI tune!, It's new and it's HOT!!! Check this out

At last someone did it, we have all been waiting for Bernstrup midi songs,
we are proud to be the first to release the MIDI-version of Nylon. We hope
to get our hands on more...


Bernstrup Goes Virtual... : Update by Lady O at March 3 - 2000 - 08:21 PM
Take a look at Bernstrup's new virtual look, he's got a body that makes Lara Croft look pale...
See the latest released videostills here.

Sorry, we haven't made any updates during February, all of us have been busy with hollidays and normal school stuff... RandalI broke his leg in the Alps, ha ha... (sorry Randall, just joking)
I found some really cool images from Bernstrup's latest DVD-video with the egocentric title: Tobias Bernstrup Tonight Live... Looking forward to see this one...
Listen to Bernstrup MP3's... Update by Hardcastle at January 31 - 2000 - 08:53 PM
We have the pleasure to present the first Bernstrup MP3's on the web. Download the Mega Hit Nylon now.
I was checking out some archives at and found the first MP3's. I will update the section with more MP3's as soon as new files are released...
Listen to these tunes... : Update by Hardcastle at January 19 - 2000 - 12:04 AM
Just saw over at that somebody has been mixing realaudio files into groovey tunes again... 
If you haven´t heard the music yet, you should... Someone told there were MP3´s out there... anyone
who knows anything about it, let us know. Thanx -Staff
I was fooling around with some wave files from Images of Love, and I mixed some nices tunes... well it depends on what you think is nice.. hehehe oh well.. i thought i'd send it to you. I posted it to their site and people seem to like it...
Bernstrup Midi Lounge : Update by Hardcastle at January 19 - 2000 - 05:33 AM
Just got new Midifiles of a from Bernstrup´s early recordings... within soon you will be able chill out in our
virtual music lounge... :)
We recieve a lot of request for Bernstrup midi files, it has been quite a job to convert them
for common internet use, but we are working on it. So until it´s up and running you have to
stick to realaudio links on this page (hm I prefere the real stuff better...) Anyway, all tips
or contributions the the midi archive are wellcome, remember only Bernstrup music! No more
of those usual midi files, there are too many them allready :(
Images of Love in Chicago... : Update by Lady O at December 18 - 1999 - 05:30 AM
Bernstrup´s performance Images of Love will be on display at The Chicago Project Room during December,
you will also be able to have a look at his latest project Super Twins, two twin sisters singing groovy ATB-style euro music composed by the genious him self...

Bernstrup at Kaos World... Update by Lady O at November 10 - 1999 - 05:25 AM
Tobias Bernstrup will performs at mysterious Kaos World Party organized by Jean Skarstedt on Saturday November 13th, as usual the adress is kept secret check out their web site for info...

Dresscode will probly be enforced unless you don´t want pretend beeing boring...

Bernstrup at the Movies... Update by Lady O at November 01 - 1999 - 05:05 AM
In early spring 2000 we will see Tobi at the theatres playing against Alexander "Army of Lovers" Bard in
the Movie "Puder" by Swedish director Marie Louise Ekman.

Someone saw Bernstrup at the local deli in a weird haircut and makeup... coming directly from the shooting we guess....


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