-“Bernstrup's Killing Spree is The synth album of the year... a Klaus Nomi of the 21st century”

- Dazed and confused



TOBIAS BERNSTRUP : Killing Spree :
Produced by Kunsthalle Nurnberg/Tonight Records. TR-004

In In 1997 Swedish contemporary artist Tobias Bernstrup made himself a name on the international art scene with his genre breaking mix of art and electronic music. Dressed in elaborate costumes and androgynous make-up he became known for his unmistakable stage persona with computer game-like musical live performances inside major art galleries and museums worldwide.

2002 was the breakthrough year for the now internationally established Swede as a recording performance artist while living between New York and Stockholm. The album Re-Animate Me and its 12" single "27 - Laser Mix" was on rotation at London's hottest club Nag Nag Nag and DJ-Gilles notorious New York Decadanse party and listed on Gigolo Records DJ Tommie Sunshine’s charts just to name a few.

With Killing Spree the synth pop/italo disco of Re-Animate Me has partly given way to a heavier and fatter sound. "SUV" is a hit that mixes snappy synth basslines with neo white funk slap basses and guitars. "Midnight In The City" is a classic early 80s sounding synth pop track while "Surround" works as a catchy EBM dance floor track. "You" is a dark, and melancholic Italo Disco track in the spirit of Gazebo’s 80s hit I Like Chopin to be contrasted by the upbeat "American Gothic" that blends hard electronic beats with gothic guitars. 

Taken as a whole Killing Spree makes an excellent pop album both varied and coherent at the same time. It blends electronica, classic synth pop melodies with dark wave, all done with elegance Bernstrup takes his unique fusion of electronic music and performance art to a new level.

As usual the album is kind of hard to get hold of. it is only sold i selected museums, art galleries and a few record stores. In other words for the aficionados who wants to own a
piece of cult music recording.

Verdict: 10 / 10

Review by Lady O 80s at Nov 1st - 2005 - 08:10 PM



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